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If you are not aware, Vinayaga Vishnu is one of the best known lawyers in Chennai who has handled more than 3000 cases which are of various types including complex criminal and civil cases. He also served people by providing law services in many Family Cases, Writ Petition Cases and Company Law.

Criminal Cases

In Chennai, Criminal Laws or Criminal Cases are considered serious issue and require some professional, ethical and experienced criminal lawyers in Chennai to help the client better. Criminal Laws often deal with the finding of the threat, harm or damage to one's property or health. In these cases, every activity will be taken seriously and if proven, punishment will be given to those who violated the law.

Civil Cases

Unlike criminal cases that focus on punishing the law violator, civil cases usually help the victim get compensation for any damages caused by the person who involved in violation of the law. An example of civil cases can be, if a company is accepted / signed to a person in a contract to deliver the needed materials within time, but failed to do so, causing the person in need to experience a loss of money, in this case, the person who is affected by the company may file a civil case against it.

And our expert, Vishnu is always better in dealing with complex civil cases among the other Civil Litigation Lawyers in Chennai.

Family Case

Family Cases are about dealing with the procedures or actions that affect the family life such as adopting a child, child marriage, divorce, and child custody. Almost all of the family cases include the responsibility of handling sensitive and important problems or issues, thus requires an experienced family case lawyers who can better manage the case in all situations in the family court.

Vishnu as an expert having years of experience in working as a Family Lawyer and he is also one of the preeminent Divorce lawyers in Chennai.

Writ Petition Case

Writ refers to a written command form issued in the name of a court. Writ may be issued by the Supreme Court of India under Article 32 while High Courts of India may also issue writs under Article 226. Writs or Writ Petitions may be provided for many kinds, including Habeas Corpus, Quo Warranto and Prohibition. Vinayaga Vishnu is one of the best Writ Petition Lawyers in Chennai.

Company Law

Company Law, as the name implies, deals with the companies, employees, other business organizations and their interaction with one another. People who invest in the companies and share holders may also be included in this law. The Company Law sometimes is also referred to as Corporate Law and the lawyers are referred as Corporate Lawyers who are responsible to take care of cases that come under Company Law.